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Zero meets Possible.

Startups face many challenges.

Not Getting Funded

*VC firms get 1000+ proposals yearly, leaving 25% unfunded.

Fierce Competition

*20% of startups end simply by being eclipsed by the competition.

Owning Their Space

Building brand awareness and creating a dominant online presence.

Time To Market

“You’re going to be defined by your first 90 days. You’ve got to act” – Jack Welch, former GE CEO.

This is how I help solve them.

Successful founders are able to win the hearts and minds of investors with convincing pitches. I help startups become fundable by creating the arsenal they need to secure funding for Pre-Seed through to Series A.
Authenticity is a common denominator in successful startups. I help startups build a brand that stays true to their original values and mission so they can connect with their audience on a deeper level. It’s called credibility.
Successful startups anticipate the competition’s plans and have an excellent brand formula. I help startups nail their strategy and communicate their value so that they stand out from their competition.
Successful startups build and launch rapidly. I provide startups with rapid brand development through expert-driven sprints.


“It’s absolutely worthwhile and has yielded significant returns on our investment.”
“If you’re considering collaborating with Dominique, absolutely go for it. She generously shares her time, expertise, and provides invaluable resources.”

Solution thinking that rapidly gets you investor-ready.

For startups and entrepreneurs, I offer the full suite of essential early-stage disciplines through all stages: planning, strategy; design, development and publishing.

Startup Toolkits

Business Plan Development
Business Naming
Product/Service Naming, Branding
Research & Analysis Support
Founder Personal Branding
Brand Development
Customer Onboarding Experience

Investor Facing Material

Business Plan Design
Financial Analysis Visualisation Design
Investment Memorandum Design
Investor Pitch Deck Content & Design
Research & Analysis Support


Reboot & Life Injection for Zombie Startups
Non-Exec Fractional CMO
Media Relations & PR
Brand Turnaround Strategy
‘What Next’ Strategy

One Day to Innovate

High Impact Sprint Program

Take a look at how, your startup can, in just one day, take a substantial leap into the future. My One Day to Innovate program delivers rapid, high-impact sprints to propel your startup forward. Experience turbo-charged creativity and an agile branding that delivers branded assets ready to be implemented. Take a look at our sprints for ultra ambitious startups and founders who value efficiency and excellence.

The Lean Startup

Sprint Duration: 10 Days
Super fast process with high-end results, aimed to support startup founders to have a solid foundation for their brand and basic branded assets to get up and running quickly.

Express Website

Sprint Duration: 5 Days
Focused on a tight strategy and agile development, you can watch your website being built before your very eyes and get ready to hit ‘launch’.

Investor-Ready Pitch Deck

Sprint Duration: 5 Days
You’ve put in too much effort and invested too much to risk it all on a pitch deck that can’t close the deal. Let’s nail it down. With over 200 companies and pitches under my belt, I’m your go-to.

Let's Talk

If you are looking for a real marketing partner, it’s time to speak to me today. I am incredibly responsive and value your questions. Send your details via the link below, and I will respond and be in touch with you over a complimentary email chat. Not ready to hire my brain just yet? No problem. Find out more about mondayfriday here. Stalk me on Social Media, links below.

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