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Full-time Support. Part time costs.

mondayfriday offer a high impact support system and cost-effective solution to businesses needing regular marketing support. It’s like having your very own marketing team – your virtual marketing department. The costs are calculated based on your available budget and business needs. The benefit of having this support in place is that you have access to all of our skills at the cost of a single marketing employee. We handle every aspect for you. Just send your request via email, and we’re on it. You will have access to all of our skills, services and marketing tools. So, when you need something completed pronto, we’re there. Ready to take on your next challenge.

Supportive and reactive, we provide valuable support for your already existing marketing activities

Hands-on and results-oriented,  virtual marketing is an excellent option for medium sized businesses that don’t have their own heavyweight marketing department

Efficient and affordable, virtual marketing is the solution for smaller businesses, who can’t justify employing a whole team of people, we can become your virtual marketing department

I just wanted to say that this is really superb work and completely ‘gels’ what we have been working on since January. It has been very well received at ES3 and is considered to be ready to be formally embedded into the business. Thank you again for all your efforts with this.

Gary Witheat

ESyn3rgy Limited
You exceeded expectations…

Ren Smit

BT2 Enterprise
They take great pride in the professional quality of their work.

Hendrick Malan

Consulting Engineers

Available Services

Business Growth Services

We review your current marketing strategy and future business goals. We’ll see where opportunities can be made and which marketing channels you should be focusing on.  We will work together to analyse products and services, sales volume, share of market, competitive status, markets served, distribution system, company capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, past advertising programs and customer personas. 

Our business growth services will give your business the caffeine hit it needs. We would love to work with you to inject some new energy and life into your business, help you gain clarity around the goals you want to achieve and set out clear actions you need to take to reach them.

Content Creation (Design + Copywriting)

If you’re in need of any type of content created for your business, we can create just about anything for web, print, emailing and events. We combine brainstorming, creative writing and design to create engaging content  – we’ll have tons of ideas. 

  • Photographs & Photography
  • Infographics, Technical Articles
  • Brochures & Data Sheets
  • How-To’s, Videos & Guides
  • Case Studies, Manuals
  • Annual Reports, Press Releases
  • Slide Presentations or Templates
  • Technical Drawings

Digital Marketing

  • Content marketing (blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, white papers, case studies, ebooks.)
  • Social media marketing (LinkedIn/Instagram/Facebook ads)
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Pay Per Click/Google AdWords

Email Communications

Email Campaigns
We offer a fully-managed end-to-end solution, from creative design of the email, content strategy and writing, to sending and tracking. Use your blog posts, announcements and news in an email newsletter to get your marketing message in front of your audience and drive them back to your website. Regular email communications with staff, customers, trade suppliers are key to building loyalty and supporting your brand. We can help you get set up and devise regular targeted campaigns. It is an essential tool to growing your business and helps you stay in touch with your audience on a regular basis. All of our emails are responsive and display seamlessly across thousands of different screens.

Email Signatures
Email signatures are powerful, low-cost, high-return marketing tools. Why? Employee emails are the most trusted and frequent exchanges customers have with your brand. The average employee sends 36 emails per day – nearly 1,000 emails per month. We’ll create visually beautiful and consistently branded email signatures for employees and unlock a powerful marketing channel. We’ll also monitor clicks and find ways to improve interaction.

Social Media

Social Media Engagement & Reputation Booster

Social media is not for every business. We work close enough with you to know when and if social media will work for your business. And we’re also honest with you – it’s best when a business can look after its own social media activities. Our aim is to develop and equip you with the right plan, messages and tools for you to have meaningful social media engagement that creates real value. Social media is about building real and meaningful connections with current customers or potential customers and creating a sense of community around your brand. Regular interactions on social networks and online reputation management are a critical element in business at the moment.

  • We can set up the right social media profiles for your business, and we’ll deliver tailored posts every month and show you how to monitor and respond to discussions around you, protecting you against negative associations.
  • What we don’t do is take over your social media accounts.
  • We enable you to be in control with monthly feedback to discuss focus, direction and results.

Website Security & Maintenance

A website is not a set and forget system. Whether your site is minimal or complex, maintenance is vital. As experts in WordPress we recommend website maintenance to make sure your company’s website is operating in top form. We include:

  • Content Updates
  • Software Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security
  • Functional Testing
  • Support  

Managed Web Services

Managed Web Services is a comprehensive package for businesses, that includes all the services related to building up, updating, optimising and maintaining a website. The service relieves business owners and employees from tech responsibilities, where your entire digital real estate is taken care of. The service includes:

  • Domain and Website Hosting
  • Email (such as email account setup, webmail, support)
  • Analytics & Reporting (Traffic & User Experience Monitoring)
  • Website Maintenance & Security
  • Content Updates
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns

View our Managed Web Services Package here.


The benefit of having this support in place is that you have access to all of our skills at the cost of a single marketing employee.  

So how much does virtual marketing cost? Every business and industry is different, but the general rule of thumb for how much a company should invest in marketing is 10% of revenues. For B2C product based companies, they budget closer to 16% of revenues on average.

Most businesses will spend £1,000 per month on average with us, guaranteeing them dedicated hours, maximum output and the highest quality of work. 

Contact me today to see what I can do for you and your business!
Dominique Nelson-Esch

Min 12 hours p/month

Virtual Marketing Retainer

£40 (ZAR650) p/h


Virtual marketing team
Priority service
Excellent turnaround times
Services at a fixed rate
No surprise billings
Collaboration app to view work in progress

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