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The future of work is creative collaboration

‘The Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre was once a sleepy rural village. By the late 19th century, however, it had been absorbed by the city growing around it. Where farmers once tended vineyards and orchards, a population of musicians, writers and artists flocked to its old buildings and narrow streets. Painters such as Edgar Degas, Auguste Renoir, Vincent van Gogh and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, who all lived and worked on “the hill,” generated creative energy that was a beacon for the rest of Europe.’ –¬†Benjamin Wolff |

If you like the sound of this, you would probably like mondayfriday. I collaborate with creatives in many different specialisms. Not everyone will fit in, so here’s a small nugget of information on what you can expect when you work with me.

mondayfriday work ethics

  • I always collaborate on mondayfriday projects as a unified team – the mondayfridays!
  • I use remote and online collaboration tools to manage projects, and as such, we’ll be incredibly switched on, fingers on the pulse, highly responsive team.
  • I believe that my projects run so smoothly because I have a solid project briefing foundation and process. mondayfridays always know what is expected.
  • mondayfriday was built on word-of-mouth alone, so constructive feedback, delivering on time, and honoring my client’s needs and expectations come at a price – total transparency.
  • I do not employ at mondayfriday – when you become a mondayfriday, you essentially are hired by me as a freelancer on a project-by-project basis, so you have total freedom – with the benefit of being part of my close mondayfriday family!

Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating with mondayfriday. Once I’ve received your details, I’ll be in touch. Thank you!

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