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mondayfriday, in a coconut shell.

Specialising in visual design and communications, I help startups, emerging businesses and solo entrepreneurs to design and transform their brands. I founded mondayfriday in 2013, and work internationally – as far north as Helsinki, across the Pacific to California, and as far south as Cape Town. With a unique blend of strategy and distinctive visual aesthetic, my goal is to help businesses cut through the noise and become the best versions of themselves.

Dive straight in and scroll through my portfolio of most appreciated work below. If you need more convincing, scroll down to see my pitch.

Here’s my pitch,

and reasons why you’d want to work with me.

The caffeine hit you need.

Founders get a lot in one package by working with me. I am a multi-disciplinary visual designer and strategist, with a two-decade journey in collaborating with startups and SMEs. My portfolio includes consulting for over 200 businesses globally, where I have managed branding, design, and digital communications to deliver innovative and impactful solutions.

My secret weapon.

My skill set is a unique combination. I merge strategy and design.

Cross-industry Business Acumen

Strategic Rigour

Powerful Visual Communication

Brand-centric Design

My sweet spot meets your niche.

I have delivered notable results in the categories of data analytics, finserv, fintech, biotech – and believe it or not, music, coffee, beer and sport – where I maximise my 20+ years of experience to deploy best practices and methods for helping founders build compelling, fundable companies.

I move your thinking into doing.

Need marketing firepower but don’t have a dedicated team? I help companies take a leap into the future through my signature One Day to Innovate program.

One Day to Innovate sprints can help companies in any industry to think and create like a startup, resulting in major transformation within a short period of time.

I've worked with Incubators, Accelerators, and Innovators.

I've worked with Superwoman.

B R A M D E A N 

Bramdean Asset Management LLP, led by Nicola Horlick, a seasoned investment fund manager, specialises in private equity, venture, and specialty funds. Nicola, known as the city ‘Superwoman’, is also the founder and CEO of Money&Co., a marketplace lending business. Additionally, she is a founding partner of Rockpool and involved in the film industry through Derby Street Films. Nicola serves as the Chairman of film finance fund Glentham Capital and has previously run as a Liberal Democrat candidate for Chelsea and Fulham.

These guys look familiar?

Closer than the seven degrees of separation. The bulk of my projects are confidential, but the Vampire guys have crossed my desk.


I've launched winners.

I launched Pomerol Partners as a startup in 2013, who have been with me since day dot. Now a leading, award-winning global authority on data analytics. My biggest success story to date.

I've built my reputation on word-of-mouth alone.

I've even worked in the Metaverse, and launched a Wine Bar.

I worked with innovative tech disruptors and visionary blockchain developers in Türkiye, engaging in revolutionary projects that were nothing short of exhilarating.

Wine Bar success: 70,000 customers in the first year. Tasting bottle #10,000 opened. #thewineglasshermanus #winebarsouthafrica

I lost a $50 million startup in Silicon Valley

My original startup idea was appropriated after I pitched it in Silicon Valley to an Investor, and later sold for $50 million. I’ve gained invaluable experience in brainstorming ideas, protecting them, hustling for funding, and getting them off the ground. Trust me, I’ve seen my fair share of wins and losses. I get it on a deep level—the nerves that kick in when you’re about to share your startup ideas with the world. Trusting others with your big idea? Terrifying, isn’t it? Been there, felt that. So yes, I’ve got your back, no questions asked.

You can’t change a mind without winning a heart.

Since 2007, I have worked with more than 200 companies, startups and challengers. Many of them have won the hearts and minds of investors.

Tired of flings? It’s time for a real partnership.

I see it as a true strategic partnership. Even though I work in a technology-driven environment, I still believe in doing business like the good old days. It’s based on crystal-clear communication that builds trust. We’re brutally honest, we’re open. We do it together. For the long haul. Many of  my clients have been with me since day dot. Maintaining high standards, constructive feedback, delivering on time, and honouring my clients needs and expectations is what I work for.
If you are looking for real value, it’s time to speak to me today.


Dominique strategically positioned us as a disruptor in Data Analytics to win the HedgeWeek Global Awards, and make it onto the Top100 List for Companies to Watch in Big Data. She was an integral part of Pomerol since it’s inception.”

Square Mile

An exceptionally skilled communicator who will change your business – and she is the real deal. Her expertise and dedication were instrumental in our recognition as a finalist at the prestigious British Accountancy Awards for innovation. With Dominique leading the charge, success is not just a possibility, but a certainty.”

Calimere Point

“Dominique’s transformational impact on our brand has helped us stand out as a beacon of excellence. She understands the financial services and data analytics sectors so well, and we work with her at every chance.

Still curious?

Find out more about mondayfriday here. Not ready to hire my brain just yet? No problem. Stalk me on Social Media, links below.

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