The origins of the RYD Brand were about people who love surfing. They love the act of surfing as much as what it brings to the world…pure stoke. RYD Brand started as a joint venture between myself and Barend Buys. Buys is a surfing accessory and apparel distributor in Cape Town. In early 2014 the idea of a new surf company was born. The synergy between us as business partners brought what is now a thriving business. RYD ambassadors are WSL Championship Tour surfer, Caio Ibelli, and World Longboard Champion, Stevie Sawyer.

I conceptualised the RYD name and brand, and the brand’s identity, tagline “May the waves be good where you are”; and “RYD Land And Sea”. In late 2016 I designed the first release product line designs. These included the RYD surfboard fins, RYD leashes, RYD traction pads (surf deck pads), RYD clothing, and other RYD merchandise. As a surfer, it was a natural progression to visualise design to product for me.

Leaving the RYD Brand as a partner just after the first product lines went into production, the brand has taken a different creative approach since. The inspiration I led to the creative design was retro-inspired, elusive imagery, muted colours, minimal messaging, and understated graphic queues. I’m not in alignment with the current brand design, as it’s greatly different from what I had envisioned.

The Work

  • Brand Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Creative Strategy
  • Product Line Naming
  • Product Design
  • Surfboard Fin Design
  • Surfboard Leash Design
  • Clothing Design
  • Product Packaging
  • Visual Merchandise Display Design (for retail)
  • Catalog Design
  • Content Creation
  • Merchandise Branding & Design

Original RYD brand designs – very different to the current brand identity