Neuropsychologist Dr Maryna Van Der Berg came to me to help her launch a new neuropsychotherapy treatment and wellness business. Her mission is to help people recover from ADD, phobias, trauma, low self-image and low self-confidence. With various modalities she treats chronic pain, coaches mindfulness meditation and mindfulness base stress reduction to people so that they can heal their bodies and live healthier and happier lives. I assisted Dr Van Der Berg in developing a business name, a visual identity, and creating a website that would represent the essence of her business. By putting extra effort into building Neurofitness, I helped Dr Van Der Berg craft a business that appeals to her ideal audience who are seeking an alternative approach to a healthy recovery and total well-being.

The business naming consulting started with 10 likely business names. The name selection process comprises market research, search engine research, the longevity of the name, availability in the digital real estate (is the domain name available for the business name?; is the name available to stand out on social media networks? etc.) and other aspects of selecting a short list of business names. I shortlisted two names: Mind Muscle; and Neurofitness.

Based on the information I gathered during my research I put together a number of style boards (visual mood boards). I sourced unique creative concepts, colours, fonts and logo marks to better define the vision. This part allowed me to involve the client in the creative process and help her envision what her brand might look like. 

Neurofitness eventually stood out as the best option for Dr Van Der Berg. She enjoyed the complexity of the logo design – the mind showing neural pathways and connections in different colours. Her primary colour palette is green and blue, which feels very alive and fresh to her.

The Work:

  • Business Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity (stationary such as letterhead, business cards, email signature,)
  • Website Design

Below are some of the design concepts for the shortlisted name, and the final logo design for Neurofitness.