The cafe, bistro, deli – besides being a spot to grab a drink and a bite to eat – is a hub of culture and conversation for locals and visitors. More thank that it’s filled with people who live for coffee culture. And while each place defines its coffee culture in a different way, they have one thing in common: an appreciation of the craft of coffee. At Norma Deli, it’s easy to get hooked on their coffee, just choose your brew method. They offer pour-over style (Chemex coffee brewer), AeroPress, Espresso, and drip-brew, which is most conventional. For Norma Deli, I crafted their brand identity to help their customers connect with the nostalgia that we once knew. Connecting with the culture of the past must be appreciated – good old fashioned ways of communicating and living that we long for. As with many modern-retro designs, it adds authenticity, warmth, and a sense of quality to a brand’s image.