These AeroPress Championship posters, are an art form from independent artists in each host nation. They are definitely worthy of admiration and so unique to each country’s artistic and cultural style. mondayfriday conceptualized an AeroPress wall mural using posters from the World AeroPress championships book. A bit of wall decoupage across a 2m x 8m wall. The wall requires more than 600 AeroPress Championship posters, which would cover the AeroPress Championships from 2014 to 2019. The concept will be duplicated on a coffee shop wall, creating a coffee art gallery.

A collection of AeroPress posters are very interesting to look at. The concept would keep lonely coffee shop patrons interested for hours. One of my best AeroPress championship posters is from the 2017 Honolulu AeroPress championships.

AeroPress Championship Poster Designs, some of the most interesting designs.