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One Day to Innovate

Let’s solve your problem. All in one day.

Your company can, in just one day, take a substantial leap into the future. We’ll deep dive into your biggest business opportunities right now and develop stand-out, professional, original, and sustainable solutions on an accelerated timeline.

One Day to Innovate sprints are an invaluable investment, offering both strategy and implementation rolled into a comprehensive set of deliverables completed within fixed hours – for the ultra-driven entrepreneur who values time and quality.

One Day to Innovate sprints can help companies in any industry to think and create like a startup, resulting in major transformation within a short period of time.

``Dominique is THE go-to for brand rejuvenation. I’d pay double.”

The Lean Startup

Sprint Duration: 10 Days
The Lean Startup is a lean and fast process with high-end results, aimed to support startup founders to have a solid foundation for their brand and basic branded assets to get up and running quickly.
With the new digital reality and increasingly fierce competition, we move the needle and rethink branding models. When a large upfront investment and time commitment required for extensive branding projects out of reach, brand sprints are the answer.

  • Effective, lean branding created at speed
  • Designed for decisive startups that demand fast decision making
  • Collaborative online process
  • Delivers branded assets essential for launch
  • Sustainable program offering post-launch support

Investment: £15,000 

Brand Turnaround

Sprint Duration: 10 Days
Revitalising a brand is crucial to reshaping its image, repositioning it within the market, and regaining a competitive edge. Whether external factors have impacted the business or not, you might find things feeling stagnant or notice a sense of disconnect. This often stems from a combination of factors such as an outdated strategy, messaging that fails to resonate with your audience, and boring, generic design.

  • Agile approach to branding that prioritises strategy and delivers tangible outcomes
  • Inject new vitality into your business that will attract your target clients and reignite interest among existing clients
  • The sprint delivers re-branded assets ready to be implemented

Investment: £10,000

Business Growth

Sprint Duration: 1 ,2 and 5 days
These are individual intensive sprints to deep dive into your biggest business opportunities right now and develop an accelerated action plan to grow and sustain your business as strategically as possible. I leverage my 20+ years of experience nurturing startups from the ground up to find both the problems and the huge potential inside your current operational framework.
Even if your business is going well, but feels a little stale, or you’re not sure what you need to do to step it up, the day sprint will drive a strategic and creative ‘sharp right turn’. Strategies can be created for all budgets, it is important to start off small, understand what works, adjust, and then scale.

  • Brand Messaging – Enhancing your Value Proposition, Mission Statement, Unique Selling Proposition, and Elevator Pitch to better position yourself
  • Marketing Blueprint – A built-for-you blueprint, which integrates both the marketing strategy and the marketing plan, providing a comprehensive framework for achieving marketing success
  • ORM and PR Boost – Enhance and protect your online reputation through your social media and other business platforms
  • Business Plan Development – High-quality, bespoke business plans that attract investors, secure loans, and gain approvals
  • Client Journey Optimisation – The Marketing Funnel is dead. The client journey now encompasses the entire lifecycle of interactions with your brand, from initial awareness to purchase, ongoing engagement, and advocacy

Investment: From £1,000

Marketing Espresso Shot

Sprint Duration: 1 Day
A turbo-charged day sprint, delivering tangible outcomes and ready-to-use marketing assets. Whether you require tailored content for your business — social media posts for a month, case studies, how-to guides, or highly optimised sales landing pages for your website — count on me to craft it all during your day sprint.

  • Social Media setup, automation, strategy and content creation
  • Web Content writing, optimising, visual design, improvements
  • Sales Page/Landing Page writing, optimising and visual design layout from top to bottom
  • Email Marketing platform setup, content writing, template design, integrations, automation
  • Evergreen & Lead Magnet Content writing, design and digital publishing (case studies, guides, product brochures, spec sheets, FAQ’s, checklists)
  • Blog Post Bundle high-value bundle of ready-to-publish blog posts and images

Investment: £1,200

Investor-Ready Pitch Deck

Sprint Duration: 5 Days
You’ve put in too much effort and invested too much to risk it all on a pitch deck that can’t close the deal. Let’s nail it down. With over 200 companies and pitches under my belt since 2007, I’ve seen what works. Your pitch deck is your first impression with investors, and a bad one can sink you from the start. Design matters, but it won’t compensate for weak content. Building a compelling narrative is key, and that’s where I excel.
Move with lightning speed and get your Pitch Deck written and designed by me within 5 days.

  • Pitch Decks for all stages: Bootstrapping/Planning Stage, Startup, Pre-Seed, Seeding Stage, Series A
  • High level strategy and content
  • Content and design is strategically aligned, insight-driven, impactful
  • No drawn out projects, no endless emails and meetings

Investment: From £2,000

Express Website

Sprint Duration: 5 Days
Well executed web design is often what closes the gap between mere browsing and actual engagement, and I’m on a mission to stop businesses from failing due to poor communication and outdated design. Focused on a tight strategy and agile development, you can watch your website being built before your very eyes and get ready to hit ‘launch’.
You can have a website that’s engaging and easy to navigate, reflecting your brand, values, and benefits – a website to be proud of from concept to launch in just one day.

  • Beautifully lean, uncomplicated, concise and optimised with a maximum of 5 pages
  • Designed for decisive companies that demand fast decision making
  • Collaborative online process
  • Turnkey service including domain registration and hosting

Investment: £4,000

Design & Copy on Demand

Delivery: Same Day
Get your design and copy needs met — on demand, on time. Whether it’s a product sheet, press release, or a last-minute social media announcement, I’ll have you covered without missing a deadline or an opportunity. With this express service, you’ll have access to all the design support you need, precisely when you need it, without the headache of scrambling to find extra designers and copywriters. Perfect for fast-moving companies and entrepreneurs who value efficiency and quality.
Investment: £180 per hour
If there’s no rush, plan and reserve your project in advance. Request my full rate card for design and copy services.

“What a ride! We would strongly recommend mondayfriday’s brand sprint for any startup out there. You really learn a lot about who you are. We have a plan, beautiful branding and an excited team!”

Chris Donnachie, founder of Kernel Edge Technologies, Unizest, Bespoke Payments, and Direct North Solutions

Minds were made to be blown.

“I’ve worked with Dominique on a large variety of projects and we trust her follow-through, and whatever she delivers, is pure gold. She delivers fast, but she is also thorough, detailed, and asks the right questions to make things happen.”

David van Rooyen, Bramdean Asset Management LLP

One Day to Innovate

Behind the Program

Moving with the times: why Sprints will change your company and supercharge your brand.
A lot of time gets wasted because of decision makers standing at the gates not wanting to embrace change, decision makers reluctant to change and procrastinators fearing it, not to mention the chaos that too many cooks can bring. Roadblocks are just part of the game in any company. Nowadays, it’s vital for businesses to fully dive into agility to fuel innovation. Google Ventures kicked off this trend with Design Sprints, setting the pace for many others.


Innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it needs to be woven into the fabric of everyday company life across all sectors.

In this digital age, fierce competition demands constant tweaking of products and services to stay ahead. Sprints are a fantastic tool for shaking up business models and sparking fresh ideas. The One Day to Innovate program? It’s all about using tried and tested methodologies and tools to speed up development and deliverables. This naturally creates that sweet culture of innovation within companies. So yes, let’s roll out those killer ideas, pronto!

Let's Talk

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