During our business growth sessions, Square Mile Accounting wanted to penetrate a new target market. The company’s founder, David Gormer, noticed a trend in the growth of two sectors in London:

  • The rise of craft breweries (also known as micro breweries) in London, and;
  • the growth of Tech City, a cluster of high-tech companies located between St Luke’s and Hackney Road

Micro brewing & London’s booming craft beer scene

Beer entrepreneurs have spiked the craft beer market in London. One of the reasons for the surge in micro brewing, is due to a tax break that allows brewers producing less than 5,000 hectolitres to pay 50 per cent less beer duty than larger companies. The company saw other benefits of the services they offer that could positively impact brewers, and mondayfriday worked on crafting a campaign that would communicate these benefits to the brewer market.

One benefit is to introduce their cloud accounting tools to stay on top of costs, margins, duty and volumes. David says, “Squeezed margins’ can have a profound effect on the profitability of the brewery as you grow the business. And this is where your skills as a brewery manager will need to be expanded, so you’re always considering the impact of scale against costs.”

Another benefit is having accurate, insightful forecasting. “Brewing is an industry where variations in material costs can be highly unpredictable, and where seasonal factors can have such a huge impact on sales and production. So accurate, insightful forecasting can be a godsend as a smaller-scale brewer”, adds David.

I created the strategy to execute a digital campaign, highly optimized for this market:

  • Attend all brewer-related events in London to network in a genuine way with brewers.
  • Would work together with stakeholders such as incubators and accelerators to be attuned to funding opportunities, SEIS, and EIS.
  • Write articles centering around business growth in the brewing industry, for the company to become thought leaders and trusted advisors.
  • Personally contact each brewer on a curated list, and designed fantastic material that could be sent to them after the call.
  • Position the company as having an honest interest in the craft of brewing, because, there is no doubting the passion of the craft brewer!
  • Not exclude the new buyer persona entering the craft beer market. Hipster culture created a spike in demand for high-end brews. Data from Statista shows craft beer to be the most influential beer trend in the UK this year – so I aligned some of the marketing messages with this persona.
  • Improved and optimized lead collection through the email subscriber platform
  • Developed a brewer-focused landing page on the website linked to a Google Adwords campaign

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