What is a Transactional Email?

The transactional email is an automated email. It differs from marketing email in that transactional email is triggered by events, interactions, or preferences within a service or application rather than by a company’s marketing campaign. For this reason, transactional email is sometimes called “triggered” email.

Businesses need us to help them set up a process and system for delivering high volumes of time-sensitive, personalised emails triggered by customer interactions with their product or service.

These emails are time-critical email messages, which are programmed in their own dedicated mail-sending architecture to ensure that delivery is immediate and unaffected by any other activities on the account or app.

Here at mondayfriday, I created the transactional emails (sometimes called ‘triggered emails’) for the PriceAll app. PriceAll is an online service finder, powered by intelligent data and matching through its platform.

In order to successfully execute transactional emails for PriceAll, I needed to understand the business, inside and out. This means understanding procedures, customer journey, payment and transaction triggers, desired outcomes, and then also the brand’s story. The brand story helps as the narrative for the tone and content of the emails.

I needed to achieve quality of copy, great visuals, perfect timing of each message, the right calls-to-action, and testing to ensure these emails got delivered in the first place.