PriceAll’s platform was tested for five years with market research and user testing, to reach their goal of becoming a useful tool for businesses to increase their leads to sales percentages. During their development stage, I designed the tech startup’s logo. The logo design for a tech startup is a relatively big undertaking because as a designer and strategist you need to create meaningful associations with this business, through its early visuals such as the logo.

A startup typically has no brand value – in its infancy, it’s just a business. So creating great early associations with the right visuals – designing a great logo that is relevant for its time and yet still future-proof, will help in turning an audience into customers.

For PriceAll I worked with 8 initial logo design concepts. Narrowing in on a few, with the help of defining the business’s strategy, I was able to refine the concepts into a final logo design. This design was just one element of PriceAll’s brand strategy I worked on.

I later expanded the brand strategy and created PriceAll’s digital marketing strategy. This included an 80/20 portion on SEO. mondayfriday delivered content for the app’s front-end platform such as articles on key topics relating to home improvement, and professional services.

The PriceAll platform is built on Bootstrap and Laravel. For the App, I designed the visual dashboards, user experience journey, and transactional email flows and layouts.

The Work:

  • Branding, Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting and supplied content for for website, app, all other communication
  • Website Design
  • Custom Graphics for Web and in-App
  • App Visual Design
  • Website Design
  • Transactional Email Management, Content, Layout Design
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation – blog post writing

The final logo designs were selected, CEO John de Rooy preferred the simple colour scheme of orange and dark grey and that the logomark colour could alternate between orange and grey depending on the application. The logo concepts below were considered in the logo design short listing.