Made by Mia is owned and operated by Helsinki-native Mia Hämäläinen . Mia is passionate about supporting local artists and businesses, and opened Made By Mia in the spring of 2018 as a creative outlet for herself and a group of aspiring Helsinki design community members. 

Spending 2 days with Mia and her team in Helsinki was a dream come true, from walking cobbled streets to admiring Russian-esque architecture, we conceptualised the logo, finally, sitting on the lawns at the Esplanadi in Helsinki, beer in hand. Mia wanted a “perfect imperfect” representation of her brand, and we designed a logo with unsymmetrical space and hand-drawn feather wings. The placement concept is that the wings must often be placed on top of the models head. Photography by Julian Schröpel.

The Project:

  • Branding | Logo Design
  • Clothing Label Design | Care Instructions | Tags | Retail Tags
  • Clothing Tote Bag Design
  • Website Design & Development