Website Design

Newquay’s SUP Surf Co needed a fresh concept for their website, so I mashed up some Cornish surf photography, punchy new web copy, and a bold design for their Surf and Stand Up Paddle Board business. 

The website design for a surf brand requires an understanding of the target market and surf industry. Web design for surf rental and lessons carries some key considerations for tweaking the website to appear in local search results – to achieve this I consider Local SEO and Google My Business optimization.

The website required some integration with their booking and reservation system – Rezdy – creating a seamless online booking platform.

The SUP Surf Co is located in Newquay, at the Walkabout on a lovely deck with a stunning lookout over Towan Beach. For this client, the graphic design didn’t end in their website design – it was blended and incorporated in their outdoor and spatial design as well. 

Spacial Planning Design

The clients of SUP Surf Co have an outdoor space that customers visit, so designing this interior spaces was essential. Their customers would surf lessons or SUP activities on their website, and this means that when they arrive at the SUP Surf Co location, the design of the space needed to be a manifestation of their core values and mission. When customers come to visit you, it’s crucial to bring this experience to their minds as being a good one. A place they would want to come and visit again and again. A creatively designed interior space brings in the bacon, or as they say, creativity will kill the competition!

The new spacial planning design would transform the space from drab deck to tropical beach surfer hut style. All businesses think of their clients as their first priority – and to build loyalty, engagement, and income, businesses should think of the customer first before anything else. And this should be reflected in everything you show them. Even your business space or office. Our goal was to create a comfortable space for their customers to hang out before and after the surf activities. Key design elements:

Standing out from the crowd is first and foremost in any business owner’s priorities. You have to differentiate yourself from the pack or face becoming forgotten in a sea of competition. This has to show even in your interior spaces. So mondayfriday visualized and planned their new outdoor space, working with the clients brief and creative ideas.

  • A roof for protection from the sun and elements, constructed from natural materials such as bamboo, wood, palm fronds.
  • A converted container which would be utilized as the office.
  • Installation of speakers so that they could play music all day to create the ambiance.
  • Comfortable seating – a mix up of bench tables, and over-sized day beds with cushions.
  • Extended SUP and surf board rack which would be visible from the road to maximize exposure.
  • Two additional signs on the road-facing side, to maximize exposure when people approach Towan Beach. Strategic signage placement is an important yet overlooked part of spacial planning design.
  • Murals painted on the lower half of the boundary walls. We were going for an Andy Davis style of painting which Dominique Nelson-Esch would paint.
  • Wooden slats used on the top half of the boundary walls to create a rustic/tropical atmosphere, and an attention-grabbing transformation
  • An outdoor shower and change area so that guests have an option for indoor or outdoor showers after their surf lesson.
  • Small outdoor kontiki style bar which would be managed and run by The Walkabout, since all of the SUP Surf Co clients purchase refreshments and meals from them.

Spacial Design Concept