I have worked closely alongside Pomerol Partners for the past 5 years. mondayfriday conceptualised, produced, and used cutting edge content so that people connect with their brand. I handled all aspects of content creation. From the generation of content ideas and concepts, copywriting, video, infographics, to design. I was there every step of the way to ensure content is industry-relevant and always geared towards their audience. This was a key factor in our success with Pomerol.

The company did not have time to write and oversee each and every piece of content produced. They required a team layer who they could trust to deliver content with a high level of business acumen. We carved out and put forward information that would make sense to their audience. Using the company’s’ position to extract and analyse data, I leveraged a few key statistics from their own business. I used information such as financial data ($ saved), drawing on the fact that their aim is to save their clients money in the process. This lead to campaigns targeted at CFO’s within financial services. I also highlighted pain points such as “manual efforts”, “high costs”, “time spent on reporting”, “inaccurate data sources”, etc.

The “BI is not BI unless you’re seeing ROI” campaign headline can still be seen across their marketing today.