My goal at mondayfriday was to generate positive media coverage for my client, data visualisation consultancy, Pomerol Partners. The strategy identified four channels to gain exposure, and these were: Hedgeweek, CIO Review, Investopedia, and Big Data Startups.

Hedgeweek offered an award opportunity, and I researched the most viable options for award criteria, and also selected awards for which the company was eligible. An important decision for me was to select an award that was meaningful and that would have intrinsic value to the brand – not just an associative benefit. CIO Review offered an opportunity to be made eligible for a ‘Top 100’ status.

HedgeWeek Campaign

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Design of a white paper targeted for the campaign
  • Writing an article for publication in their weekly feature, on the topic of data infrastructure (see it here)
  • Advertising campaign with Hedgeweek to promote the white paper (see it here)
  • Participation in Global Hedgeweek Awards (see the award here)

Hedgeweek  is the most targeted digital news publisher serving institutional investors/wealth managers and their investment managers/advisers across all asset classes with seven daily global newswires and real-time news-driven web sites.

I partnered with Hedgeweek, because it put Pomerol in front of more than 25,000 of their opted-in subscribers. It was a cost-effective means of communication that lead to data capture. Pomerol’s CIO, Hamish Imrie, wrote a white paper entitled “A Front Office Guide to Better Analytics”, driven to attract key role players in financial firms who could achieve the transformation in their infrastructure, enabling them to make proactive decisions rather than being reactive.

Hedgeweek Global Awards

The annual Hedgeweek Global Awards and Hedgeweek USA Awards recognise excellence among hedge fund managers and service providers around the world. Pomerol were the 2015 and 2016 winners of the Hedgeweek Global Awards for best data visualization consultancy.

CIO Review Campaign

The CIO Review is an annual listing of 100 companies that are at the forefront of providing big data solutions and impacting the market place. The CIO Review’s panel comprises distinguished CEO’s, CIO’s VC’s, Industry Analysts along with its editorial board that reviews the top big data solution providers on the planet. The CIO Review ranked Pomerol Partners as one of the top 100 big data companies to watch. (View it here)

This coveted nomination was strategically timed, just after Pomerol was now on the radar as having won 2x Hedgeweek awards, smashing their competitors to acquire clients including Samsung, Abbvie, GlaxoSmithKline, Bank of America and British Gas.

It takes time, effort, and money to enter awards competitions, but the investment can be justified if you’re good enough to win and you know how to capitalize on success, as achieved for Pomerol.

Why awards are an excellent marketing strategy

Awards offer your business many advantages. Winning an award enables you to stand out from your competitors because it positions you on top of your game. It also is incredibly rewarding for employees as it instills pride, and spotlight’s their capabilities and achievements.

Have you or your business won an award? Congratulations! Once you’ve toasted to your success, it’s time to capitalise on your honor to promote your business. Speak to me about gaining positive exposure in your industry. I am an expert marketing strategist with more than 20 years experience in financial services marketing. Message me for a complimentary discussion over email.

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