I joined forces with my client AeroPress South Africa, The Moreflavour Co team for the 2017 South African AeroPress Championships. AeroPress fans and baristas look forward to this fan-driven global phenomenon each year where competitors compete to make the best cup of coffee using their favoriteĀ AeroPressĀ recipe. Everyone has a good time which always includes beer, music, food, and lots of fun. Our friends at Espresso Lab were the proud hosts of the AeroPress Champs this year, which took place on Sunday, July 2, 2017, at their stunning coffee shop in Woodstock.

As the official ambassadors and distributors of AeroPress in South Africa, The MoreFlavour Co and sponsors of the AeroPress Championships had an opportunity for direct engagement with consumers and creatively interacting with them in a memorable way. This is a good example of experiential marketing. Every thriving coffee community needs events, and the AeroPress Championships is the event experience that offers opportunities for forging an emotional brand connection. 

The Work

  • Event Poster Design
  • Design for event marketing channels
  • After party auction posters, sponsor posters
  • Online advertising
  • Email campaign advertising
  • Promotion
  • Video content marketing: judge interviews, barista interviews
2017 AeroPress Championship Venue – Espresso Lab Microroasters MC’d by owner Renato
2017 AeroPress Championship South Africa Winner Khan Chang from Uncle Bear Coffee Company
The 2017 AeroPress Championships South Africa judging panel – Winston Thomas who is the 2016 AeroPress Champion and the 2017 South African Barista Champion, Annemarie Robertson who the Top Chef South Africa Winner
Video Marketing content for the AeroPress Championships