I am a sucker for photoshoots, especially when they involve colour isolations, minimalism, cool locations, and beautiful products. The art direction for the Fellow shoot, is stunning. The photos we used for the Fellow products on the MoreFlavour Co website and digital marketing content have really stood out and attracted users on the site, to their products. When you see the Fellow products, you understand that morning or night, solo or socially, coffee is known to billions of people and almost every culture – it’s totally addictive. Those who craft and create in the coffee biz are true creatives at heart.

Working with the MoreFlavour Co team, who are experts in specialty coffee, the Fellow brand came to life on the website through these beautiful photographs. Much respect to enlisted for what they did on the brand and photography. The design firm specialise in industrial design, and designed the hero products including the packaging design for Fellow. Enjoy!

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