Queue drumroll…
Enter the Investors and team of Lintel Capital. One of my longest-standing clients, David Coleman, delighted me with the results of their latest photoshoot, shot right at their location in Bruton Street in London.

Having visited their offices earlier this year I was happy to see the team, dressed in their high street attire. The office location is stunning too… I am a huge fan of Lintel Capital.

The shoot was incredible and complimented the website design so well. The entire team was available for the shoot and the results are great – good photos elicit an emotional response and most people want to feel something, whether it is an exciting experience or a gentle feeling of safety and security – nothing like stock photos which have no reality and truth to them. As a private equity fund, Lintel Capital team members must exude confidence, trust, and knowledge. We needed to frame this while still letting their personalities shine through.

Lintel Capital’s CEO Shawn Gates profiles were outstanding – we felt that this headshot captured his assertive, confident leadership qualities.
David Coleman is Lintel Capital’s head of Marketing and we’re not surprised that his moment is captured at the coffee machine (David is a coffee connoisseur!)

Impact of Professional Photography For Your Business

It is a scientific fact, that images transcend language and words to allow for a greater understanding of the topic being discussed. This is why I am so invested in photography and imagery at mondayfriday. Since most of the information we consume is visual, quality design and professional photography can be a valuable asset. Once you have your photography, it can be used across all of your marketing channels:

  • Your website
  • Your email campaigns
  • Email signatures
  • Brochures and other sales materials
  • Annual Reports
  • Social media
  • Personal branding (social media accounts)
  • Advertising in digital and print

The benefits and impact it can have on your website, makes it worth investing in a professional photography shoot. Most of my projects at mondayfriday have involved professional photography – whether it be for the team members or product photography.

  • Websites with professional photography receive up to 9x more traffic than websites without
  • Optimized photos can help your website get found in the image results and perform better in the overall search results. They can also help to engage customers and keep them on your site for longer, or encourage them to choose you over a competitor

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