At mondayfriday I love good, professional photography for our website design and marketing campaigns. I recommend professional photography to all of my clients because there are so many benefits to having  professional photos of your business and the products you offer. 

For the MiniPresso and NanoPresso product ranges, I was able to use high-quality photographs for the MoreFlavour Co website, showcasing the product in the great outdoors. The quality of photography makes the product much more appealing and does a brilliant job to engage readers.

Both products are geared towards the outdoors person, like hikers, campers, explorers and adventurers. There is no doubt that the photography for this product has done it’s job in drawing the brand’s target market in. Lighting, setting, angles and choice of models have been expertly selected.

I hope you enjoyed these photographs, just as much as I enjoyed using them on the MoreFlavour Co website and digital marketing content.

Please contact me if you need a quote on professional photography for your business. I am connected globally and can provide photographers who specialise in all fields of photography, with all kinds of applications.