NHS dietitian turned leadership coaching entrepreneur, Tracy Kelly, is the founder of The Percolator. She believes people shine by honing their strengths and liberating their brilliance. Her secret was blending health, psychology and business skills into “a unique brew”, plus drawing on people skills, tenacity, innate optimism and sense of adventure when moving out of her comfort zone.

The percolator is the kind of brand that inspires and keeps you thinking ahead. Meeting the founder, Tracy Kelly, had the same effect. Tracy IS the brand, and I wanted to inject as much of her playful, colourful energy into the branding as possible. I was inspired by her sense of collaboration, and the vibrancy of colours that one thinks of when you think health, heart and strength. I worked with Tracy to invigorate and align her brand with these principles. I kept her existing logo, which I really liked! Tracy said to me that her branding experience had not been plain sailing, and she looked to me to visualise what was in her mind and put all of this onto a tangible platform for her brand to start breathing! 

“We all need a winning strategy. I believe people can and should be intentional in building a professional life they love and one where they make a meaningful difference –and I’m committed to providing the resource and support to help them achieve that!” — Tracy Kelly

  • Custom website design & development
  • Drag-&-Drop Interface built on top of her WordPress dashboard to update content herself
  • Brand Identity Completion
  • Business Stationery
  • Illustration | Iconography